TC Biopharm Logo Redesign
This was a contract to recreate TC Biopharm's logo in 3D for their website redesign. I was given their old logo illustration, and a stock image of some CG cells that they liked the look of and wanted me to emulate. I was also tasked with delivering some renders of the scene from different angles.
Modelling and sculpting were done in Maya, procedural shading, lighting and rendering in Cinema 4D, and compositing in Photoshop. The final logo and banner renders were delivered as transparent PNGs, and the Maya, Cinema 4D and Photoshop project files were organised and sent to TC Biopharm.
TC Biopharm's old logo
My logo update, with a shadow layer
Transparent png of the logo
A different angle of the Cinema 4D scene
A render in web banner resolution
A render in web banner resolution
Screencap of the Cinema 4D scene
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